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We believe that technological progress will save our planet. Let’s meet and discuss at EUW in Paris.

Responsible use and effective management of natural resources in the context of growing populations, urbanization and climate change are the most pressing challenges of our time. Generating reliable measurement data is fundamental to gaining key insights for actions that will determine our future.

Through our open and trusted GWFcoder® technology in water and gas applications, GWF continues to contribute to technological progress in accurate measurement and granular data collection. In 2018, GWF launched a wide range of ultrasonic measurement devices based on our patented GWF 4D Technology®. These high-quality products generate reliable data in wastewater, hydropower, irrigation, hydrology, and water supply applications.

Let us discuss how we can use GWF’s technologies and our collaboration to make the world a better place.

Whether your goals are reliable data generation, reduction of non-revenue water, optimization of distribution networks, detection of water losses or leaks, integration of data into smart city networks, or optimization of operational cycles, we have the measurement data infrastructure and data processing technology for you.

We look forward to welcoming you at our stand to explore new opportunities and where we will also offer our classic touch of Swiss hospitality to celebrate our joint success.

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