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Smart Meter Roll-out in Luxemburg has started

GWF MessSysteme AG delivers smart water meters with wired and wireless M-Bus data transmission for the implementation into the nationwide Luxmetering IT network


Ville de Dudelange has been participating as a Luxembourgish gas and water Distribution System Operator (DSO) since the end of 2011 in a project with the scope for deployment of a national smart metering system for gas and electricity, with the possibility to enlarge this system to water and thermal meters. This project is led by an Economic Interest Group, called Luxmetering in charge of all common operations concerning the smart metering system, including the purchase, installation and operation of the central system that will collect and manage the smart metering data and functionality. Furthermore, they will manage the coordination and acquisition of all the field equipment including smart electricity, gas and water meters.

The tender consists of two parts: water meters with wired M-Bus, in Lot 1 and water meters with wireless M-Bus communication in Lot 2. These meters need to be fitted with two-way communication and fully interoperable with the national smart metering system put in place by Luxmetering and the Luxembourgish electricity and gas DSOs. The wired and wireless M-Bus solution will be completed with the most advanced standards in data security.

The contracts with Ville de Dudelange – have been signed according to the EU tender won already in 2016, and the product development which was started straight after. The implementation phase has been done with many parties contributing to the ultimate data security and optimized information flow. Electricity meters and gateways have already been installed. The roll-out of the gas and water meters is now in full.

Other water DSO’s will join the initiative of Ville de Dudelange and participate in the purchase of smart water meters. The roll-out phase will be initiated over a period of 5 years. During this period, the consortium plan that 20-30 DSO’s will join this project which will equate to a total of more than 100’000 GWF domestic water meters (MTKcoder® MP) and more than a hundred bulk meters will be implemented in the roll-out phase. The smart metering system is currently being communicated to a larger audience of DSO’s who have similar interests in solving their needs for an intelligent meter data acquisition model.

GWF is prepared for further smart meter projects in- and outside Europe. Considering the dynamic market requirments for smart metering infrastructure, GWF has invested into these changing market requirments for integral and secure data exchange.


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