Ultrasonic flow meter

  1. Very low starting flow: 5 l/h
  2. Highest measuring range: R1000
  3. Volume resolution: 0.1 l/h
  4. Low pressure loss: <0.09 bar
  5. 4 Hz measuring sampling rate in test and operation mode
  6. Homogeneous measuring channel
  7. Dry sensors without any sensor pockets
  8. No flow straightener
  9. Can be installed in all directions and mounting positions
  10. Can be installed directly after 90° bends, valves and pumps
  11. Automatic detection of flow direction
  12. IP68
  13. Approved firmware security and update procedure according to WELMEC 7.2 European Legal Metrology
  14. 3 x independent NFC communication interfaces for local and wide area connectivity
  1. Water measurement, e.g. potable and waste water
  2. Utility water e.g.reservoirs and pumping stations, etc.
  3. Industrial applications e.g process control and measruements
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