FT-S (Feedthrough)

Technical specifications
  1. Frequency: 1 MHz
  2. Beam width: 5° (-3dB)
  3. Configuration: IEC41 / ASME PTC 18
  4. Pipe diameter: 0.1 m to 2 m
  5. Mounting: welding socket or thread
  6. Pressure rate: 20 bar *
  7. Material: stainless steel
  8. Cable: twisted pair with shield
  9. Operating temperature: 0° to +40°C (up to +150 °C on request)
  10. Dimensions: Ø 1″, length: 293 mm
  11. Installation: incl. fixing device, ball valve and welding socket.
    Pipe needs to be dewatered only for the time of initial installation. Designed to allow removal of the entire transducer for repair, replacement or cleaning without the need to dewater the pipe lation.

*) other ranges upon request

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